:boom: TODO

For others things to do, and issues to solve, see the issue tracker on GitHub.

Publicly release it and document it - OK

Other aspects

  • [x] publish on GitHub!

Presentation paper

  • [x] A summary describing the high-level functionality and purpose of the software for a diverse, non-specialist audience
  • [x] A clear statement of need that illustrates the purpose of the software
  • [x] A list of key references including a link to the software archive
  • [x] Mentions (if applicable) of any ongoing research projects using the software or recent scholarly publications enabled by it

Clean up things - OK

Initial things to do! - OK

Improve and speed-up the code? - OK

More single-player MAB algorithms? - OK

Contextual bandits?

  • [ ] I should try to add support for (basic) contextual bandit.

Better storing of the simulation results

  • [ ] use hdf5 (with h5py) to store the data, on the run (to never lose data, even if the simulation gets killed).
  • [ ] even more “secure”: be able to interrupt the simulation, save its state and then load it back if needed (for instance if you want to leave the office for the weekend).

Multi-players simulations - OK

Other Multi-Player algorithms

Dynamic settings

  • [ ] add the possibility to have a varying number of dynamic users for multi-users simulations…
  • [ ] implement the experiments from [Musical Chair], [rhoRand] articles, and Navik Modi’s experiments?

C++ library / bridge to C++

  • [ ] Finish to write a perfectly clean CLI client to my Python server
  • [ ] Write a small library that can be included in any other C++ program to do : 1. start the socket connexion to the server, 2. then play one step at a time,
  • [ ] Check that the library can be used within a GNU Radio block !