Jupyter Notebooks :notebook: by Naereen @ GitHub

This folder hosts some Jupyter Notebooks, to present in a nice format some numerical experiments for my SMPyBandits project.

The wonderful Jupyter tools is awesome to write interactive and nicely presented :snake: Python simulations!

https://img.shields.io/badge/Made%20with-Jupyter-1f425f.svgmade-with-jupyter https://img.shields.io/badge/Made%20with-Python-1f425f.svgmade-with-python

1. List of experiments presented with notebooks

MAB problems

Single-Player simulations

Multi-Player simulations

2. Question: How to read these documents?

2.a. View the notebooks statically :memo:

3. Question: Requirements to run the notebooks locally?

All the requirements can be installed with pip.

Note: if you use Python 3 instead of Python 2, you might have to replace pip and python by pip3 and python3 in the next commands (if both pip and pip3 are installed).

3.a. Jupyter Notebook and IPython

sudo pip install jupyter ipython

It will also install all the dependencies, afterward you should have a jupyter-notebook command (or a jupyter command, to be ran as jupyter notebook) available in your PATH:

$ whereis jupyter-notebook
jupyter-notebook: /usr/local/bin/jupyter-notebook
$ jupyter-notebook --version  # version >= 4 is recommended

3.b. My numerical environment, SMPyBandits

  • First, install its dependencies (pip install -r requirements).
  • Then, either install it (not yet), or be sure to work in the main folder.
Note: it’s probably better to use virtualenv, if you like it. I never really understood how and why virtualenv are useful, but if you know why, you should know how to use it.

:information_desk_person: More information?